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Two Week Trial Winning Verdict

I am extremely proud to say that our legal team completed a two week trial this week, which resulted in a $20.6mm jury verdict.  Great win on a tough case, that involved some very complex business issues.  I could not be more proud of our team.  

So many things came together to create an incredible result like this.  We sometimes talk about trust, passion, commitment, and experience as if these are mere words on a page.  The reality is, words sometimes cannot adequately describe the effort, commitment and trust it takes to win in a meaningful way, on projects that really matter.  There is oftentimes a fine line between having a good outcome and truly winning. That difference can be measured in both strategy at a high macro level and execution at the lowest micro level. 

I had a number of takeaways from this experience, but two in particular that stood out.  The jury members, in this case, were perhaps the best I have had in a decade.  They were attentive, took their responsibility seriously, and were extremely focused on getting the right result.  At a time when our political and social institutions are under pressure, it is incredibly rewarding to know that, at least in this instance, our system of trial by a jury of our peers in alive and well. 

The second takeaway is that regardless of the nature of the project or goal, winning comes down to having great people who are passionate and committed to the result.  With the right team of people on a project, risk of failure drops dramatically and winning outcomes become much more likely. 

Great people get great results.  There are no guarantees in life, only opportunities.

- Jim Shields

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