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Anne Ashby, Of Counsel

Anne Ashby, Of Counsel

During my 20 years as a State District Judge and currently as an Arbitrator or Mediator, I have concluded that clearly defined goals create strategic paradigms that lead to productive results. I have witnessed the consequences of poor decision-making and fragmented planning by the participants in litigation – not only the monetary costs but also the emotional expense. I have determined that these costs are often preventable.

After presiding over hundreds of cases and resolving multiple disputes through the ADR process, I understand the elements of litigation strategy and case management. I have extensive experience as a neutral observer, which has taught me to see all perspectives. I can write the opposing attorney’s case before he writes his own.

Now that I am Of Counsel with Shields Legal Group, I can actively participate in the dynamics of litigation. My value to you is measured in terms of my broad knowledge base, experience on the bench and currently as a dispute resolution specialist.

It can be summed up in two words, “bench wisdom.”

But bench wisdom is only the start of what I bring to the table.


I also understand the importance of empathetic listening.  It is the most important skill in relationships and in life.  I have learned that trustworthy relationships are built through thoughtful ongoing communication. It is the cornerstone of my services…and the basis of my role as your Trusted Advisor.

As your Trusted Advisor, I will listen carefully and completely to your concerns before defining our goals.

Clarity in understanding our destination is the essence of constructing plausible strategies that lead to successful conclusions.

My goal for Family Offices is to help them achieve their dreams.  Each dream is different.  It could be the sale of the family business, or a charitable endowment, or preserving the family legacy for future generations. Throughout the journey, I will listen and reiterate our goals and benchmarks.

My years on the bench taught me that interdependence is of higher value than independence.  That’s why I joined Shields Legal Group.  As a team, we are dedicated to providing superior service and value to our clients’ needs.

I want to make a difference for those who are facing litigation, who are embroiled in intractable conflict or who need a guide to lead them through the prospect of litigation.

Please let me know how I may help you reach your goals.

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